Booalidaroo Company at a Glance

Booali daroo Company is a productive, research and remedial unit, and its goal is revival of the Iranian traditional medicine. This company was established in 2000, in Qom city under the title of Researchers of BooAlisina Herbal Medicine, and under thesupervision of Hakim Ayatollah Muhammad Aleeshaq, according to experience of Avicenna and Avicenna the canon and principles of Islamic psychology the correct treatments are prescribed for every patient. Free medical examination is provided in this center in order to show the feature of Islamic medicine. Daily, many patients with refractory diseases refer to this clinic, showing their documents and most of them are disappointed of modern medicine. Initially, an examination of the patient is carried out in order to reveal causes of the illness. Then under the supervision of a physician and according to Avicenna prescription, treatments are prescribed for them.

This complex includes clinic, pharmacy, leech therapy department, bloodletting therapy department, production department, drug post department and research and development department.The production department of this complex is located in Shokohiyeh industrial park in Qom city and one of pharmaceutical companies has been producing our production as contract manufacturing.