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About the founder

I, myself, have witnessed that, the global arrogance with Britain leadership cleared out the Iranian culture from traditional experience. Newspapers, with scorn and derision tried to up rise the conscience of society against traditional medicine in order to replace their chemical drugs. As a student who was the follower of Imam Khomeini, I decided to revival Avicenna the canon and experience of ancient civilization. I have taught Avicenna the canon in Imam Hassan Askari mosque, in Qom city. And it became very popular among various classes of people including seminary students, university students and merchants. What are disadvantages of modern medicine that have revealed in recent decades and effectedall humans?

The criteria of new medicine should be changed. Traditional medicine is as sacred as Holy Quran teaching. Teacher of medicine shouldn't get money not for teaching not for treatment. Here, as judgment and teaching of Holy Quran, getting money is not acceptable. Instead government should provide a normal and respectable condition for them and supply them with treasury. But for medical Mafia money is inpriority. They have tactics, they are intimidating.

Instead, in traditional medicine when physician sees the patient says "In the name of Allah". It is God that treats and the physician is ostensible reason. The only goal of medical Mafia is earning more money. For example they asked patients to pay their bills before getting treatment. They do strange things. But, as mentioned before,traditional medicine is as sacred as Holy Quran teaching. We choose traditional medicine instead of medical Mafia and don't ask patients for payment. All these are result of Holy Quran verse: "Fought for us".

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