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Bloodletting isreferenced as interfere in regulatingbody's blood circulation and agent of regulating the electric polarization of cells. The word Alhijama (bloodletting) is taken from Hajama, it means turn it to its natural state and volume. Bloodletting (Hijama) means therapy in Farsi language. Bloodletting is a kind of phlebotomy andis the withdrawal of blood from a patient to cure or prevent illnessand disease.This method called Hijama because thistechnique is based on dilatation and literally it means healing and suction.

In treatment diseases by bloodletting, usually a small incision is made on the skin and then blood is withdrawby asucking tool. The oldest document about bloodletting is dating back to 3300 years B.C. and denoted that bloodletting has been performed in Macedonia.

About 400 years B.C. Socrates has written application of bloodletting. In fact hollow tools had been used for sucking blood in cutting places of the skin.

Bamboo tree in India, Kalbaz in Africa and Cow horn in Germany had been used for bloodletting.

ChristopherDoblyBuldhufland, the most famous physician of 19th century, believed that bloodletting is a miraculous approach for treatment diseases such as eye diseases, pulmonary diseases, cardiovascular disorders and back pain.

Various benefits of bloodletting are mentioned here.

1- Bloodletting regulates blood circulation in vain and lymph.

In fact the place of bloodletting on skin, continuously is in contact with regular circle of reflexes place in organ and this is the main goal of bloodletting.

 For this reason, it could be claimed that many cases of migrainepermanently   treats with bloodletting and also prevents sluggishness and tiredness of shoulders, head and neck.

2- In bloodletting, the amount of blood in vessels, the amount ofred blood cells, the amount of protein in blood and Hemodynamicpressure were considered.

3- In bloodletting tone of blood vessels changed speciallyin blood capillaries and this can lead to reinforcement of fluidflow.

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